More power for photovoltaic


The durability and sustainability of ZEFFLE IR overlaps with the usual planning horizon of the photovoltaic investment range of 20 years.

    Photovoltaic modules convert not only the direct sunlight radiated upon them into electricity, but also the indirect and diffuse radiation caused by the reflection of clouds and surrounding surfaces.

- Converting direct and diffuse radiation

- Benefit for new and existing PV - systems

  1. -Increasing efficiency by lowering operating

  temperature of PV - modules

  1. -Increase of radiation on PV - modules to

  maximize power output

  1. -Increasing winter half-year yield without negatively

  affecting the profitable summer half-year

   It is known that the efficiency of converting light into electricity of a photovoltaic system will be affected negative the higher the operating temperature of the photovoltaic module. Therefore, the yield on days with high ambient temperature is lower. ZEFFLE IR reduces operation temperature and consequently increases the yield.

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