The roof... The buildings protection shield


    Each roof is designed to protect against rain, wind and snow. To keep these basic qualities, it is necessary to protect from UV-radiation, reduce weathering influences and stress for the roof construction, which leads to material exhaustion. Especially extreme temperatures on the roof are causing eternal expansion and contraction of the different materials. This implies a thermal load on the waterproof membrane and affects the layers of the roof structure, especially at corners, edges and joints.

    By lowering the temperature of the roof surface, as a result of the ZEFFLE IR - coating, the protective qualities of the roof will be preserved permanently. The protective properties of the ZEFFLE IR - coating are augmented by its corrosion- and chemical resistance, and are preserved by EasyClean - the systematic avoidance of adhesions.

  1. -Highly Reflective - SRI=113 (Solar Reflectance Index)

  2. -UV protection

- Weatherproof

- EasyClean - no adhesions

- Corrosion Resistant

- Chemical Resistant

- Extreme durability

- Lifetime of 20 to over 25 years

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