Passive cooling = Better Cooling


Drastic reduction in

temperature on the roof skin

    The characteristics of the roof surface have a crucial impact on the climate of the building underneath.

    Conventional roof surfaces, such as bitumen, reach temperatures above 80°C  when exposed to direct sun radiation, with the consequence that a pleasant working environment through the increased temperature is not possible.


    ZEFFLE IR reduces the temperature of the roof surface dramatically, creating an effective passive cooling effect.

  1. -Remove awful indoor climate

  2. -No more sweating

  3. -100% comfort increase: your body releases heat easily when surface temperature is below body temperature

  4. -High concentration & work efficiency

  5. -Good climate at your working place


Bitumen 85°C

Cooling means reducing the temperature

    It is easy to actively cool through an air conditioning system, which means dissipating heat under the current use of electricity.

    Passive cooling is a big challenge. It means dissipating heat from the inside, and avoiding the induction of heat from the outside, without device-related expenses.

Passive cooling with ZEFFLE IR

- No heat induction due to reflection

  1. -Dissipation of internal heat sources, as ZEFFLE IR enables the

  transmission of heat to the outside. Well-insulated buildings instead

  would block heat transmission (effect of a thermos bottle).

The reduced temperature of the roof, forms the foundation for effective passive cooling!

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